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Company culture

Enterprise誠信 、服務(wù)、勤奮、超越


TCC Cultural Story

《Historical Records · Wu Taibo family》 recorded in Chinese as follows:

This paragraph means as follows: Taibo is the eldest son of the ancient Gugong Tanfu of Zhou Dynasty, he is successor according to the tribal custom. Due to he saw that his father love the third son - Wen Ji Li (Later Zhou Wenwang) who have talent, so Taibo initiative to give the throne to Jili for three times, afterwards Jili give the throne to Jichang. In the end, Zhou Wenwang becomes a good king who was diligent in political affairs, courteous and attracts talents, then makes "three parts in the world, and two parts belong to the Zhou" and creates of Zhou Li, so Zhou Wenwang becomes a famous and wise king in the China history.

The story of “Taibo give up the throne for three times” is respected and admired by people. Taibo was also named as "Supreme Virtue" by Confucius. TCC is named after Taibo, and draw raw lessons from history especially the Taibo story, to show the idea of development and corporate culture, which includes appointing people by abilities and pursuing high aspirations.