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        Welcome to Top Crusher CO.,LTD.official website!
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        Company profile

        Enterprise誠信 、服務、勤奮、超越


        Top Crusher Co.,Ltd. , short for “TCC” , TCC is a company engaging in crushing technology , equipment manufacturing and AI application for the mine and solid waste.

        TCC has accumulated comprehensive know-how in this area and mass production application data, after more than 20 years, more than 1000 units / sets of crusher (station) application practice and system research. TCC has truly achieved the integration development model that from application, manufacture, innovation, formed an unique core competitiveness and crusher technology leader role. 

        TCC can provide equipment and technologies of crusher, mobile semi-mobile crusher station,apron plate feeder,roller screen,separation,and so on,for mine and solid waste recycling,includes coal, limestone,bauxite, metal ores,gypsum,solidwaste, construction aggregate, mechanism sand, metallurgy, etc. 

        TCC products have been widely used in China with high quality and continuous technological progress, also sold to Turkey, Russia, South Africa, India and other countries,In recent years, TCC has achieved the technological upgrading, remanufacture and spare parts supply for more than 100 sizers various brands from different countries. includes England, United States, Australia, Germany, South Africa and so on. All those projects led to good results in practical application. Therefore TCC has become a reliable brand and trustworthy partner.


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