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        Welcome to Top Crusher CO.,LTD.official website!
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        Imported crusher technical renovation

        Enterprise誠信 、服務、勤奮、超越

        In Recent years, TCC have been renovated and rebuilt lots of world brand crusher that using in China. Such as MMD, ABON, PCC, SHUMAR, AUBEMA, etc. The core parts including tooth boots, tooth segments that were redesigned and manufactured by TCC have been tested and proved to be as good as the original parts. TCC greatly saved customer's costs on maintenance and spare parts, while providing the customer with professional and quick-responding after sales support.

        02 PCC 應用.jpg.png

        03 對輥破碎機.jpg

        04 ABON三級破碎機.jpg.png

        05 南非破碎機改造.jpg