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        Welcome to Top Crusher CO.,LTD.official website!
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        TCC stanard grading crusher

        Enterprise誠信 、服務、勤奮、超越

        TCC-A series-standard sizing crusher is Top crusher corporation classic products. More than 300 standard grading crushers have been applied. The series of products has wide adaptation range and high degree of standardization.

        Main parameters

        ● Capacity:10~600tph

        ● Crushing strength:120MPa

        ● Max feed:600mm

        ● Min product:3mm

        ● Max power:220kw

        ● Product size adjustable

        01 標準型粗碎分級破碎機.jpg.png 02 標準型細碎分級破碎機.jpg.png

        03 標準型破碎機.jpg.png  04 中碎齒形.jpg

        05 TCCA-細碎齒-2.jpg.png