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        Welcome to Top Crusher CO.,LTD.official website!
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        High-strengh crusher

        Enterprise誠信 、服務、勤奮、超越

        TCC-H seriescrushers  have applied several innovative technologies developed by the company. By summing up the successful experience and failure lesson of more than 300 grading crusher with high-power and large capacity in recent ten years, successfully resolved the prevailing technical problems among domestic and international large-scale grading crushers under overloaded conditions, and each index reached the international leading level.

        Main parameters

        ●  Capacity:300~10000tph

        ●  Crushing strength:300MPa

        ●  Max feed:2000mm

        ●  Min product:13mm

        ●  Max power:900kw

        ●  Product size adjustable

        ●  Operate well under heavy duty 

        ●  Intelligent self- protection 

        ●  High performance of tooth abrasive resistance

        ●  Super processing capacity

        02 TCC-H摳圖.png

        03 粗碎齒-高可靠破碎齒靴.png

        04 鷹嘴式高強度破碎齒.jpg

        05 高強破碎齒.png

        06 重型破碎機應用現場.jpg